Pushing for ‘Viewable’ Ads Can Lead To More Non-Human ‘Bot’ Viewers – CMO Today – WSJ

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This isn’t a big issue when marketers buy ads directly from top Web publishers. But ad exchanges, where thousands of smaller publishers can sell ad space, are another matter.”

Read the WSJ article here:  Pushing for ‘Viewable’ Ads Can Lead To More Non-Human ‘Bot’ Viewers – CMO Today – WSJ.

Growth in Mobile’s Share of Ad Interactions Slows

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Mobile internet usage may be reaching a plateau—at least, as evidenced by interactions with ads. According to Q1 2015 data from ad technology firm Fluent, around three in five ad interactions on its network occur on mobile devices. This rate has been steady since Q4 2014.”

Read the eMarketer article here: Growth in Mobile’s Share of Ad Interactions Slows – eMarketer.

Do’s and Don’ts for Retailers in a Digital Age

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“What sets retailers up for success or failure in digital age? L2’s Digital IQ Index examines more than 200 retailers in the specialty retail, department store and big box categories. From these studies emerged a list of Do’s and Don’ts for retailers looking to thrive.”

Read more: Do’s and Don’ts for Retailers in a Digital Age | L2: The Daily.

Newspaper digital audience springs forward to 176 million

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The digital audience engaged with newspaper content reached a new peak in March 2015, totaling 176 million adult unique visitors. The count is a 10% increase from the 161 million unique visitors measured by comScore in March 2014.”

Newspaper digital audience springs forward to 176 million.

Google’s Subscription Ad-Blocking Service Arrives In Beta 04/24/2015

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Google Contributor invites began arriving in email inboxes this week. The company’s paid subscription service reduces the number of ads an individual sees on a Web page when visiting participating publisher sites. …

Mashable, the Onion, Imgur, ScienceDaily, wikiHow and Urban Dictionary have signed on to participate. In fact, Google tells us, millions of sites — from small blogs to large news sites — have joined.

Participating Web sites see a percentage of the money contributed by subscribers.”


Google’s Subscription Ad-Blocking Service Arrives In Beta 04/24/2015.

McDonald’s criticised for glib #slownewsday response to SXSW band query

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“McDonald’s has found itself out of tune with public sentiment after posting a glib response to a Facebook query from the band Ex Cops as to why the burger chain had no budget to pay artists at its SXSW showcase.”

Read the story here: McDonald’s criticised for glib #slownewsday response to SXSW band query.

Oscar Advertisers Paid Record Prices for a 15% Drop in Audience

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“A slate of boutique films and an uneven, torpidly paced broadcast conspired to put a whammy on Sunday night’s Oscars ratings, as overall viewership dropped 15% versus last year’s big show.
According to Nielsen fast national data, ABC’s presentation of the 87th Annual Academy Awards averaged 36.6 million viewers, down from 43 million a year ago. Of these, approximately 13.7 million, or 37%, were members of the key 18-49 demographic.”

Read more of the Advertising Age article here: Oscar Advertisers Paid More for Less


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