The Future of Beacons & Customer Engagement

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The Future of Beacons & Customer Engagement.

Tablets Owners Buy More Consumer Electronics

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“It’s an all-digital world for most tablet owners. According to new research from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), just over half (54%) of online consumers have purchased tablets for themselves. This research shows a 4% rise in overall tablet ownership and a general tendency on the part of this audience to purchase more electronic devices than other consumers.”

Read the rest here: Tablets Owners Buy More Consumer Electronics.

Scripps ‘Learning Quickly’ On Digital Sales

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There are no half measures in digital sales for The E.W. Scripps Company, where the game plan calls for aggressive offense and deep, long-range investment.

The company has been hiring digital-only reps at a rate of about 75 a year, sellers who may not bring with them a book of business but must be uniquely hungry and able to adopt a longer-term sales approach with SMB clients.

It is also offering a widening suite of digital marketing services with mobile and video taking on growing importance among its product offerings.

Looking longer down the line, Scripps is investing heavily in consumer data. The company is growing more sophisticated about collecting and using that data to customize the interactive experiences between users and advertisers.”

Read the rest of the article, with links to the NetNewsCheck series, here:

Scripps ‘Learning Quickly’ On Digital Sales.

7 Centimeters Vs. 13.1 Miles

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7 Centimeters Vs. 13.1 Miles.

FSIs Still Holding Strong For Newspapers

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As the push to digitalize many aspects of traditional print media continues, the free-standing insert, or preprint, is holding steady in its original form.

Free-standing inserts (or FSIs), which include coupons and retailers’ circulars, have historically made up 35% to 40% of newspaper annual advertising revenue, according to Nancy Lane, president of the Local Media Association, and that doesn’t appear to be changing.”

Read the full article FSIs Still Holding Strong For Newspapers.

The surprising state of digital ad spending in 5 charts | Digiday

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d execs in Cannes, awash in a sea of rosé this week, need not drink to drown any sorrows: The advertising industry, it turns out, is doing just fine.

Global ad spending will top $516 billion this year, according to the latest forecast from Magna Global. ZenithOptimedia is even more optimistic in its own ad spending report, predicting global expenditure to hit $524 billion, a 5.4 percent increase over last year. A big winner here, of course, is digital advertising, which Magna Global expects to increase $20 billion to $140 billion. That’s nearly a third of overall spending — and proof that advertisers are once again going where the eyeballs are.

Here’s a breakdown of where spending is today, and where it’s going in the next few years.”

Read the full article here:  The surprising state of digital ad spending in 5 charts | Digiday.

Apple and Google declare patent truce, will dismiss all current lawsuits

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Originally posted on Gigaom:

In a major breakthrough in the bitter and long-running war between Apple(s appl) and Google(s goog) over smartphone patents, the two companies announced on Friday that they will dismiss all current lawsuits against each other.

In a joint statement, the companies also said they will try to work together to reform the patent system:

Apple and Google have agreed to dismiss all the current lawsuits that exist directly between the two companies. Apple and Google have also agreed to work together in some areas of patent reform. The agreement does not include a cross license.

A person familiar with the litigation said the truce will end about 20 lawsuits in the United States and Germany, including proceedings before the U.S. International Trade Commission. The person confirmed the statement’s reference to “directly between the companies” meant that the agreement would not immediately affect related patent litigation between Apple and Samsung, or lawsuits…

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