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I know I haven’t updated in a few weeks, but I’ve been so busy in the best way possible. From my internship to hanging out with good friends to Palm Springs to concerts to art museums, Los Angeles has not disappointed in the least. I do wish I had kept up with the blog better, though, but I guess it’s worth the trade. 😉

I’ve been spending my weekends out in the beautiful Loma Linda area with my friend Laura and her family. They are too good to me! Last weekend we went out to Palm Springs and lazed by the pool in the beautiful (hot!) weather. I think in a past life I was probably a fish. Or a mermaid. Let’s go with mermaid. The point is, I love swimming. We spent many hours between that and the hot tub.


We also went to Tyler’s, an amazing burger joint that’s pretty famous in the Palm Springs area. I can understand why it has such a reputation, the food was absolutely delicious even for this picky vegetarian. Definitely a fun weekend.

In internship news, I’ve been working back and forth between logging footage and doing research for Cost of Construction and My Life: Chasing the Dream. I really do love working for a documentary film company. I think it’s so fascinating. I’m learning more than any class could have taught me, and I’m definitely getting some valuable experiences in. I honestly can’t wait to see what life has in store for me after graduation in December. I’ll definitely be focusing my job search in the Southern California area. I’m going to be very sad to leave in August. This place has my heart.

Earlier last week my friend Noel arrived in LA and on Thursday we played tourist and did some sightseeing. Since I live by myself and don’t know too many people in the LA-area, this was a great way for me to do some sightseeing that I hadn’t gotten in yet, because as my friends and family know, I’m not really into doing things like that by myself. Haha. 

We spent the day shopping on Melrose, which has some fantastic boutiques. I actually work very close to Melrose and drive it home everyday, so it was nice to be able to walk around and do some shopping instead of navigating it during rush hour. 

We then headed to the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) and saw the Art in the Streets exhibit, featuring one of my favorite modern artists, Banksy (Here is the Wikipedia entry, because his website is pretty vague). I watched Exit Through the Gift Shop a few months ago and have been slightly more obsessed with him since watching it. I actually don’t even remember how I heard about him in the first place, but I know it was a few years ago. The documentary just magnified my interest, I think. 

(Photos below are Banksy pieces currently at the MoCA, and from my phone… sorry for the quality)


I spent this past weekend in the Loma Linda area, as per usual, and photographed a wedding in Ontario (California) yesterday. Long day, but it was a great experience,I’ll blog about that later. On my way to Loma Linda on Friday night, I saw the most incredible moon that I’ve ever seen in my life. It was HUGE. I wish I had a picture to compare it’s regular size and the size I saw it, but I was driving mostly on the interstate and couldn’t pull over until I got to the side roads, and by that time it had moved and was slightly more normal, yet still very orange. It was brilliant. Traffic was actually slowing down to look at it. Here’s the best photo I have:


Saturday I spent the day at Joshua Tree National Park and at an awesome windmill hill near Palm Springs with my friend Leo. [[posterous-content:zhxDrmAmujnpCrzatmua]]


All-in-all, I’ve been loving this summer. Like I’ve said many times both on my blog and to my friends and family, I’m seriously going to miss this place. We always hear about “southern hospitality” but I’m confident that the western hospitality is just as heartwarming. Los Angeles has such a “hollywood” stigma, but the people are fantastic, I promise. And the California landscape never ceases to boggle my mind. It amazes me that you can go to the mountains, beach, or desert all within an hour or two of each other.

The real question is, how could you not fall in love with this place?

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