Winklevosses to Seek Another Hearing in Facebook Case

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss plan to ask for an additional review of the latest judgment against them in their case against Facebook, their lawyer said today.

Winklevoss lawyer Jerome B. Falk, Jr., of Howard Rice in San Francisco, said the case merits further review by the entire Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, so he plans to file a Petition for Rehearing En Banc in the next 15 days.

I am no legal expert, but here’s what that means: “En Banc” is a hearing where all the judges on a court take part, rather than a three-judge panel, as is standard. It is the only way to overturn a decision–unless they appeal to the Supreme Court. Since the Ninth Circuit has so many many judges–currently 26–it requires only eleven of them for an en banc hearing.

Read the full stroy at: Winklevoss Twins Seek Another Hearing.

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