What is semantic search: A deep dive into entity-based search

Since 2013, Google has been gradually developing into a 100% semantic search engine.

What exactly is semantic search? You can find plenty of explanations when you search Google for an answer to that question – but most of those are imprecise and create misunderstandings.

This article will help you comprehensively understand what semantic search is.

Google’s road to becoming a semantic search engine

Google’s efforts to develop a semantic search engine can be traced back to 1999 (as seen in this post by the late Bill Slawski). This became more concrete with the introduction of the Knowledge Graph in 2012 and the fundamental change in its ranking algorithm in 2013 (popularly known as Hummingbird). 

All other major innovations such as RankBrainE-A-TBERT and MUM either directly or indirectly support the goal to become a fully semantic search engine.

By introducing natural language processing (NLP) to search, Google is moving at an exponential rate toward this goal.

Read the full article here


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