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New IAB Standards released. Think L.E.A.N.

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The 'N' in LEAN: Non-Disruptive Ad Experience

"Disruption of the content consumption by advertising has been a major complaint from users as well as a motivation to use ad blocking tools. This guidance lists current ad experiences and identifies disruptive ad experiences that MUST NOT be

used as well as provides guidance on acceptable experiences. …"

Ad Meter | USA Today Sports

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Get ready for the Super Bowl…ads!

See most all the Super Bowl commercial advertisements…rated.

via USA Today Sports

Source: Ad Meter | USA Today Sports

YouTube Renames, Updates TrueView Ads

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“Google said Thursday that it’s ditching the name for its YouTube video ad format, officially moving away from calling it “TrueView in-display”.

Well, sort of”

Get the details here: YouTube renames, updates TrueView ads – AdAge

Google Debuts Programmatic Ads for Native, Mobile Video | Digital – Advertising Age

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Publishers can now sell native and mobile video ads programmatically through Google‘s DoubleClick, the company said Friday.

The ads can be sold through either DoubleClick’s open auctions or the private marketplaces run by publishers, and can appear in websites or in apps.

The system will soon enable buyers to purchase an ad to run across multiple kinds of screens in one shot as opposed to buying app and web inventory separately, Google said.

EBay was one of the first companies to use the programmatic capabilities.

“As a pioneer in the programmatic space, eBay recently rolled out its Native Mobile Programmatic solutions, which have revolutionized the way brands deliver their message to the right person, at the right time,” Jonathan Bellack, director of product management at Google, wrote on the company’s blog Friday. “Since the launch of its new native ad unit, eBay is seeing a 3.6x increase in ad engagement on average, with some campaigns delivering click-through rates up to 5%.”


Read more here: Google Debuts Programmatic Ads for Native, Mobile Video | Digital – Advertising Age

Net Neutrality – Simply Explained, in Simple English

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Business Insider does a good job of explaining the issues and developments surrounding net neutrality. It seems certain that consumers will be paying more for Internet services requiring greater bandwidth (i.e. video, such as Netflix, etc).

Net Neutrality – Simply Explained

MediaPost Publications Catching The Drift: Online Video Views Up Almost 50% Over A Year Ago 04/15/2014

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The new comScore Video Metrix report for February comes out just as the IAB touts that the Internet advertising reached $42.8 billion in 2013, which is more than was been spent on television, for the first time.

But let’s be clear about it. Of that amount, online video only accounted for $2.8 billion, a sizable 19% over the year before, and counted within the $12.8 billion spent in online display advertising, which was up 30%

Those are great numbers, still, that seems to suggest an obvious trend. Indeed, television’s overseers and other content makers seem to be tripping all over themselves to get more solidly positioned for an online future.

Read the full story here: MediaPost Publications Catching The Drift: Online Video Views Up Almost 50% Over A Year Ago 04/15/2014.

Video Is the Next Frontier for Social Advertisers – eMarketer

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Video Is the Next Frontier for Social Advertisers – eMarketer.

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